Steps to planning a smart home

First of all the steps outlined here are for a not for a DIY installation and although retro fitting is possible the planning an equipment needed for a retrofit is slightly different to a new home. If you are planning a professionally installed smart home system you will need some guidance. Where and when do you start planning a smart home? Before finalizing your plans with your architect you should already consult with a smart home pro. A professionally installed smart home needs a wiring layout. This needs to be drawn into your electrical plans. A well design wiring layout will save you money, time and a lot of headaches later on.

Here are the step you need to take now 

 1. Book an assessment with a smart home pro 

While most people will tell you to get the right company to install your system it is actually more important to choose the right person to work with you through out the process. When dealing with larger companies you might land up with a different person every time you call for support or and upgrade. The new technician will have to figure out your system all over again. Smaller companies normally have less people doing more of the work. Basically you want one person to oversee most of the work done. 


 2. Choose all the sub systems that will integrate with your smart home

Any smart home needs a main controller but before you get there you need to choose the systems you want in your home. Your smart home pro will inform and guide you to choose all the subsystems to integrate into your smart home. These system are entertainment system like in ceiling speakers in the kitchen or a home cinemas in the basement. Security and surveillance. Climate control, irrigation, blinds and curtain control etc.

 3. Plan your equipment rack placement

First of all you will need a centralized location to place all your equipment. A server rack comes highly recommended. For larger installation a server room is a must. It does not need to be a large room, normally these room are at least 2m x 2m or it forms part of a store room. Access to the back of the rack is a must. A neat wiring layout will make it easier to troubleshoot the system. 

 4. Get a wiring layout designed by a smart home pro

A smart home pro can design you smart home wiring layout including your home network. A smart home run on a home network and can only perform as good as the network. Think of your smart home as a luxury car, you are not going to be driving your luxury vehicle on a dirt road are you? It simple if you want a good experience get a good home network with good Wi-Fi. If your are smart you will let you smart home pro handle you network. Not only will your smart home pro make sure your system is reliable and scalable, but also make sure its compatible with the home automation system. 

 5. Get a good electrician to work with your smart home pro

Your smart home pro will design, install & program your smart home, but your electrician will still have to lay your conduits. Make sure you get a good electrician and that you smart home pro and electrician work well together.

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